Friday, February 18, 2011

and 3 sets of batteries later...

Hello all! I know I haven’t been here for a while even though I promised myself at least one post a week. Blogging can be a difficult thing to start. Trying to figure out what to write about and coordinate photographs all while being on display in front on the World Wide Web can be a little scary. However, today I came across a great opportunity and some bad luck and thought I should share…

It started last night when I received an Etsy convo for a custom order of 50 heart shaped wedding place cards. I was very excited since this would be my first custom order for my ScrappThis shop (not bad considering I opened in December). After some back and forth dialogue between myself and the buyer I had an idea of what she wanted.
Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I started my work early this morning. Cutting out different size hearts and finding the best way to perch it to the rim of a stem less wine glass. I set up my “photography studio” to have some great shots to send my customer. As I pressed the button of my camera, nothing happened, it just turned itself off. Ok…I thought, let’s just try again. After several attempts and 3 sets of batteries I knew this camera seen its last shot. Now what? I have these great ideas and no way to show the world. With some quick thinking I whipped out my iPhone and clicked away. I have to give it credit; I got some good shots with it. I have heard of other sellers doing this but didn’t think it could actually work, and work well.

So after my little scare and more dialogue we came up with a really cute place card. She liked them so much she doubled her order to use at the bar. I will be posting photos of the finished product (blog topic 1).
Now I get to have big plans tonight (blog topic 2, lol) to look for a new camera. I really liked the old one and hope it’s an easy fix, but I really needed an upgrade. So let’s cross our fingers and look forward to bigger, better, and brighter photos in my shops and on this blog.
Does anyone else have a crazy story? A time where, despite all trials and tribulations, you overcame the obstacles? Or maybe just share something funny since I am always game for a good laugh.
Thanks all, Liz

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