Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Roses- DIY

To all my fellow cricuters I have great Valentine's Day craft for you.  In today's post I will show you how to make a stunning rose bouquet to use as a center piece or give to someone special.  Don't worry if you do not own a cricut machine!  I will be selling these in my shop this spring, both pre-made sets and DIY kits

First, you will need:
  • Cardstock- any colors you like
  • Close to my Heart Art Philosophy cartridge
  • Hot glue
  • Floral wire
  • Markers
Use the "font, shift" function to choose the rose design.  Choose whatever size you like, the smallest pink roses were cut at 3.  Once they are cut use the marker to outline the edges of the petals.  I find its easier if you outline them before taking them off the mat.

Next, tightly roll the paper starting from the outside.  I let the paper uncoil on its own to make the rose look like it has bloomed.  Glue the coiled paper to the tab left in the center of the flower. 

Now take one piece of floral wire and wrap one end around your marker.  Depending on how larger your flower is will determine how wide your loop should be.  Since the pink roses were very small I only needed a small loop.  Flatten loop to act as a stand for your rose and glue together.

Tip: you can cut floral wire at different lenghts to give your bouquet dimension.

That's all.  A nice, simple craft to add to your Valentine decor.  My bouquets featured 3 different sizes, edged in pink, dark red, and gold.  The heart votives are available at Target for $2.50 per set of 2 (I found mine in the bargain section when you first walk in). 

Happy Valentine's Day

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